Expectations of Members

  • Dues will be given notice two weeks in advance and members must pay dues unless specified otherwise.
  • Members must be at all specified events and meetings unless proper notification and a valid excuse are given. In the event of an emergency, the situation will be reviewed at a later date.
  • All members will be held accountable for their actions, officers included.
  • Officers can be either upper or lower classmen and respect must be shown to all.



Section 1:

  • President: Writes monthly reports to SGA, organizes travel and oversees the entire organization.
  • Vice President: Talks with other coaches to organize games, confirms officials and distributes agenda.
  • Treasurer: Manages spending, keeps track of our account balance, and works closely with the treasurer and finance committee.
  • Coach: Oversees games and some practices.
  • Assistant Coaches: Runs practices, helps create roster, and has a general responsibility to the team to do whatever is needed.

Section 2:

  • We will hold fair and democratic elections in which the team and The Administration will vote to elect members to the new Administration.
  • Officers will be elected by the second week in April of the spring semester.


 Meeting and Quorum

Section 1:

  • The Administration will meet once a month to discuss the well-being of the club.
  • All members of the Men’s basketball club, including officers, will meet the second week, the midterm period, and a week before finals of every semester.
  • The basketball club will meet for practices three times a week at the convenience of the members of the Team.
  • 85% of club members are expected to be at meetings.
  • All players must be present at practices unless specified otherwise.
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