General Provisions

  • The tryout period will take place the third week of the fall semester, practices begin the following week.
  • Failure to attend mandatory meetings or practices will result in disciplinary action decided upon by the Administration.
  • We will hire a coach to be present at all games and some practices.
  • If our coach can not make it, an officer will step in as a temporary replacement.
  • Assistant coaches will be team members with a much larger responsibility to the team as a whole.



  • Amendments to the Constitution can be brought up from any part of the club, whether it is the members, officers, student government associations, community, or the advisor.
  • The person who would like to propose the amendment must type up the submission with proper heading.
  • The body of the letter must include the reason for this modification, what suggestion is being made, and any specifics or comments that go with the amendment.
  • The Administration and the team will then vote on the amendment, which will be passed with a majority vote.
  • The Administration has the authority to overrule an amendment if the best interest of the club is in mind.
  • If the amendment is not approved it is dismissed. Changes can be made to resubmit the amendment.


The Removal of Officers

  • The removal of an officer can be initiated by another officer or a majority consensus within the team.
  • The submission must be typed with proper heading with a reason for the removal and any specifics or comments that are appropriate.
  • If an officer sees that an official of this organization is not acting in the best interest of the club they can call for a forced resignation.
  • This will be enforced by a majority vote within the Administration.
  • Before the voting process commences the accused will have two minutes to present an argument (if desired).



  • Before each meeting, an agenda must be prepared and distributed via email four days prior to the meeting.
  • Meetings must follow the agenda and begin with reports from the coaches and the treasurer.


Player Role

  • All players shall fill the officer joining form and have their parents or garden signatures.
  • Every player shall pay a fee of R50.00 changed as joining fee
  • All player must pay a weekly R5.00 fee as a fundraising
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